Iwate Prefecture

Information contained on this page is as of April 1, 2011.


Iwate Prefecture Iwate Prefecture (岩手県 Iwate-ken) is the second largest prefecture of Japan after Hokkaidō. It is located in the Tōhoku region of Honshū island and contains the island’s easternmost point. The capital is Morioka.
Thirteen cities are located in Iwate Prefecture:Hachimantai, Hanamaki, Ichinoseki, Kamaishi, Kitakami, Kuji, Miyako, Morioka (capital), Ninohe, Ōfunato, Ōshū, Rikuzentakata, and Tōno, as well as many towns and villages. Source
Population*: 1,330,530
GPS Coordinates: Longitude 39.804316 Latitude 141.157837 (the capital, Morioka)
Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions:
Medical Locations:
Food and Water Locations:
Port Information
Shelter Locations
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General Information: Updates 15 March 2011: Blackout at more than 138,880 households of about 20% of the whole prefecture, around a coastal area and the inland of southern part.
Cut in water supply at approx. 79,000 households at Ichinoseki city.
1,193 dead, 3,318 missing. Source18 March 2011: Map showing numbers of dead, missing, injured, isolated, evacuated.
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