Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture Miyagi Prefecture (宮城県 Miyagi-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku Region on Honshu island. The capital is Sendai. Thirteen cities are located in Miyagi Prefecture: Higashimatsushima, Ishinomaki, Iwanuma, Kakuda, Kesennuma, Kurihara, Natori, Ōsaki, Sendai (capital), Shiogama, Shiroishi, Tagajō, and Tome, along with many towns and villages. Source
Population*: 2,337,513
GPS Coordinates: Longitude 38.371809 Latitude 140.866699 (at Sendai, the capital)
Transportation, Infrastructure and Road Conditions: 15 March 2011: Three sewage disposal plants (about 770,000 people used) were submerged in water, among 7 sewage disposal plants which a prefecture managed. Source18 March 2011: Map showing standing water from tsunami in Sendai, Miyagi.
Medical Locations:
Airports 18 March 2011: The airport in Sendai, the city closest to the epicenter, was declared ready to receive aid deliveries on jumbo C-130 and C-17 military transport planes. Source
Food and Water Locations: 18 March 2011: Shizugawa: Two American military helicopters touched down on a hilltop above this flattened town Friday with boxes of canned beans and powdered milk for a community center that has become a shelter for those who lost their homes. Source
Shelter Locations
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NGOs at work
General Information: Updates 15 March 2011: 8,000 still missing. 1,619 confirmed dead. The Miyagi Prefecture assumes expected death toll to be more than 10,000.
290,000 evacuated. Evacuation shelters are full and communication/move of the affected populations are still difficult. Basic supplies still needed. Source18 March 2011: Map showing numbers of dead, missing, injured, isolated, evacuated.
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